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A Daily Dose: Let It Sink In (A Day By Day Devotional)

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Samantha wants you to search your heart before entering into the process of realistically healing from within, day by day. How many times in your life have you closed the doors of the past before you entered into your future? We are human and there have been many times we have done the same but had to learn to close the doors that were not meant for us to walk into the destiny of happiness with ourselves.

With this devotional, Samantha will share how you can go through the fire but not get burnt. This is a safe place and we all have things to work on. Start today and “let it all sink in.” This devotional is not just for the church people, but people who want to heal and progress in life. You want the relationship and not the religion. This is not about religion but the relationship.

Understand there is peace within, and you can receive it.

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