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Real & Raw

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RAW & REAL: How to Live Your Best Life is a book that Samantha J. felt was needed for a lot of us to move forward in life and be happy doing it. She talks about different people who have dealt with many things in life and learned to bounced back to ensure they could now “Live their best life.”

We all have problems with many upsets of life. Samantha will discuss everything from Divorce, Acceptance, Abuse, Depression and Forgiveness. There are so many people that have had the worst past and end up creating the best future by simply learning to forgive their past life experiences and move on. You will learn how your strength can be your breaking point for a wholesome life and how to become a true survivor. You will see through her chapters things you can give up on in order to get up on a new level of life. With painful honesty and fearless truth, she will unveil the process of healing in order to move in a direction of peace. She encourages, entertains and even kicks a little butt to convince and give you the confidence to become the confident man or woman that you’re designed to be.

Within the pages of this book, discover how to change your focus and energy —not fighting the old — but building a new you.

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