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Toxic Side Effects

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Toxic Side Effects captivates the reality of just how the past can interrupt our minds for our future. Even at what we feel is the peak of life, we can have all kinds of skeletons fall from our closet. A lot of times our issues stem from how we grew up. What we also fail to understand is that generational curses can cause so many dangerous side effects in our lives. What was done to actually make us feel like we deserved all the pain that surpasses all understanding? This book will take you into the saga of the Robinson family. You will see how a single mother’s lifestyle has taken her children around the pain and disappointments that caused some of her toxic behavior. What she endured caused many problems for all of her children, especially Faith, Mimi and Seth. Toxic Side Effects will take generational curses to another level with this family and have you looking in your heart for forgiveness, breaking chains of hurt and pain.

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