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Woman Cheater

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The “Woman Cheater Making it Do What it Do, Not My Way”, is a book that will leave you on edge about The Women Cheaters. This book picks up on the life of five women from the beginning to the end of their saga. You will meet, The Wifey, Karen, Baby Momma, Chiquita, Home Wrecker, Joyce, Down Low Sister, Emily and the Church Girl, Sara. All these women have so much in common, yet their lives make a big turn for the worse when they decide to do things their way. Karen’s life turns upside down when she realizes the mistakes she made will end up being a risk for her husband and children. She has cheated for the last time. Who was she really cheating on? Chiquita starts out a teen mother, and ends up realizing the changes in her life with multiple baby daddies can make her or break her. Will she make it? One way or another, she’s determined to make some type of change, good or bad. Joyce has wrecked her last home. Is cheating with someone’s husband worth her risking her life, or can she move to the next level and leave other women husbands alone. Emily has to decide if she’s going to deal with a woman or the man she is so in love with. Is she really in love with a woman, or does she not know what love truly is until she meets her match and almost loses everything that’s so important to her. Sara has been so holy rolly, until she forgets who God really is and what He has done for her. She has to choose between the churches or her family. Either way she can risk it all over the wrong man. These women will “Make it do what it do,” but they will end up turning it around… not their way at all to survive all the turmoil in their lives. “Woman Cheater, Making it Do What it Do, Not My Way”, will make you laugh, cry, and leave you in disbelief. Where love not only takes chances, but can turn your world upside down. Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

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